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Fireman Rush


This game is one fire, and so does our character. Super heroes are the most fascinating in the normal world. The latest fun game positions a superman trying to go through the city and save its people. You are a fireman; as much as it sounds your job is a little bit rough too. But never to forget the fun and excite the is as always kept real easy to play and occupy leisure time. Day or night, whenever crimes will happen fireman is going to be there for help. He needs you to take him to his destination. He has is fireman and is going to fly his way over the crime spot. So he flies up in the air and all you have to do is to tap on the screen. Tapping makes our fireman fly higher. There are towers and buildings of different height in his way, just to make it more complex but that’s not happening for fireman. You have to focus, see and tap according to the height of coming building. As soon as you collide with one building fireman loses his powers and die. Try to let him fly as long as possible and not to get him struck in any building. The game is addicting as anything and that’s the deal